The nine stages of trying to write when you have a cat

The Cat's Write

It is a truth universally acknowledged* that if you’re a writer who has a cat – well you’re going to need all the help you can get.

They use many tactics to keep us distracted, and it is up to all of us to compile our resources and figure out a way to combat this threat to our creative writing process #ThisIsSerious

Please do contact me ASAP if you suffer from any of the challenges listed below:

1. It’s writing time and you’ve hit the jackpot. Your cat has vanished and you have many hours of uninterrupted writing time spread out before you. But you’d be wrong. Of course.


2. And then it happens. That moment when your cat somehow magically selects Ctr+A followed by the delete button. IT CAN HAPPEN.


3. Luckily us humans know of this handy thing called ‘Ctr+z’. So now they have no choice but to resort to ‘the…

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